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Month May 2018

Statement from Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland is a Disaster

This is nothing short of a horror. And totally emblematic of the state of much of the Church today. The Association of Catholic Priests, which is a doctrinaire liberal organization but, according to the National Catholic Reporter has 1,000 members,… Continue Reading →

Actual CNN Headline

Actual CNN headline: “People have tried to stop lava from flowing. This is why they failed.” Me: Uhm…because it’s LAVA!!!!! Exit question: How stupid do they think we are? Me: Not stupid enough to watch CNN. *subhead*Oh my.*subhead*

Chomsky Claims Christians trying to destroy “human life.”

Said the pro-abortion pro-euthanasia mainstream Democrat thinker. Campus Reform: Prominent liberal academic Noam Chomsky delivered a speech Friday at St. Olaf College (a secular college), where he declared that Republicans and Christians are intent on “destroying organized human life.” Chomsky… Continue Reading →

Liam Neeson has aquired a certain set of skills and he is a nightmare for the unborn

Actor Liam Neeson has written a statement declaring his backing for the repeal of the eighth amendment in Ireland. In short, he believes abortion is a human right. He released a long and windy statement that I’ll spare you from… Continue Reading →

NY Times: Abstinence Education is “Anti-Science”

I thought it was pretty sciency to say that abstinence is the only sure fire way to avoid pregnancy but it turns out that the New York Times knows better. I’m linking to Breitbart’s story about it because I try… Continue Reading →

Karl Marx vs. Jesus

Cardinal Reinhard Marx went total fanboy over Karl Marx, the author of the Communist Manifesto, saying that, “Without him, there would not be any Catholic social doctrine.” Funny, I thought Jesus was a little more integral to Catholic teaching but… Continue Reading →

WaPo: Conservatives are Better Looking. But it’s still bad

So just to be clear, conservatives tend to give more to charity and they’re better looking. So liberals are ugly on the inside AND the outside? Wow! WaPo’s Wonkblog reports this SCIENCE!!! so it can’t be disputed. But even when… Continue Reading →

Pulse Nightclub survivor says he found Christ and he’s no longer gay

A Pulse nightclub massacre survivor found Christ and says he’s no longer gay. Hm, if this happened in California, I think Jesus could be arrested. Ny Daily News: “Going through old pictures of the night of Pulse, I remember my… Continue Reading →

U2 Officially Pro-Abortion

U2 tweeted out their support of the pro-abortion movement to support the repealing the 8th Amendment last night. Tell me again how they’re like totally Catholic and stuff. Extra: U2 have lost a huge number of fans on social media… Continue Reading →

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