U2 tweeted out their support of the pro-abortion movement to support the repealing the 8th Amendment last night. Tell me again how they’re like totally Catholic and stuff.


U2 have lost a huge number of fans on social media after they voiced their support for the Repeal the Eighth campaign.

The band took to their social media channels to share a picture of the repeal logo with a reminder: ‘Vote on May 25th’.

The tweet split opinion, with many fans responding to the tweet that they would unfollow the band.

U2 voiced their support for the repeal the Eighth campaign on social media. One fan replied: ‘Unfollowing one of my (former) favourite bands.’

This is sad. It’s a desperate attempt at relevancy with a younger generation. They know that this will piss off many of their fans but they’re so desperate to be loved by the elite that they’re even willing to turn their backs on the unborn.

Or maybe they’re just idiots. Yeah, it’s probably that.