Said the pro-abortion pro-euthanasia mainstream Democrat thinker.

Campus Reform:

Prominent liberal academic Noam Chomsky delivered a speech Friday at St. Olaf College (a secular college), where he declared that Republicans and Christians are intent on “destroying organized human life.”

Chomsky equated support for fossil fuels to saying “let’s quickly destroy ourselves, asserted that North Korea is “extending an olive branch” to the US, and insisted that Christians, but not Muslims, want to “destroy the world.”

Noam Chomsky told students at St. Olaf College on Friday that the Republican Party is engaged in a “unique insanity which is dedicated to destroying organized human life.”

This comment and more came in the context of Dr. Chomsky’s 90-minute talk, which was intended to serve as this year’s keynote event for the college’s Political Awareness Committee (PAC).
“On the basis of Christian ideals they’re saying let’s proceed to destroy the world. I don’t know anybody in the Islamic world that’s doing that.”

The survival of humanity was a theme throughout the lecture, which opened with a call to the young adults of today, which Chomsky calls the “Europe generation.”

This kind of stupid incendiary rhetoric is what passes for enlightened talk on campuses today. Mind you, if Ben Shapiro came to campus, the building would be burned down.

I wonder where these young people get the idea it’s ok to dehumanize Christians and stop them through any means necessary? Could it be their leaders?