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Month December 2020

Christians Are Called to Be Counter-Cultural

Some say they don’t believe in “evil.” That’s why they’re forced to compare anyone who’s against them to Hitler. With no objective measure of good and evil they can only compare and contrast their enemies to known historical figures. This… Continue Reading →

Mayor DeBlasio, Who Banned Sugary Drinks, Now Offers Year Supply of Donuts to Blood Donors

So, the blood supply is so low in New York City that Mayor Bill deBlasio is now promising a year’s worth of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to some donors. This, from the guy who banned large sugary drinks because they’re so… Continue Reading →

Personhood for Elephants? But not for the Unborn.

So an elephant is a person but not an unborn human? Wesley Smith writes:   Animal rights must always be distinguished from animal welfare. The former is an ideology that creates moral equality between us and fauna. In this view, human… Continue Reading →

My First Latin Mass -A Tragicomic Tale of Misunderstandings and Mistrans…

I attended my first Latin Mass. It didn’t go well…

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