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Month December 2020

Stacy Abrams Has 1.2 Million Absentee Ballots Already.

Great news. They’re cheating even more in Georgia. And they’re proud of it. They’re holding pressers about it. Yeah, all those people who didn’t want to look into the voter fraud because that seemed icky and conspiratorial, well you got… Continue Reading →

Isn’t it a little strange that the two major lockdowns came just before Easter and then Christmas?

My state of Pennsylvania has gone into an an almost complete lockdown just as they did in March. Isn’t it a little strange that the two major lockdowns in this country occurred just before Easter and Christmas? I mean, you’ve gotta’ admit… Continue Reading →

The Bishops and the Media Are Acting So Different Now, Huh?

What a difference a day makes, huh? And when I say “day” I mean Election Day, of course. Since the big steal occurred, the media and the bishops have done a complete 180 on a few things. The media finally… Continue Reading →

O Come Alll Ye Faithful…But Not Now

Politicians are seeking to shut down churches, even for Christmas. They must be resisted.

Covid is a Moral Issue and Probably Your Fault

 This is so strange. This disease and the way it is viewed has taken on a moral component. When the numbers of cases rise, the news anchors, health experts, and talking heads talk about what the people are doing wrong. … Continue Reading →

The Fauci Who Stole Christmas

A Very Covid Christmas Miracle. Just some fun. Hope you enjoy!

Dear Republicans,

Dear Republican Leaders, I’ve been with you for a long time. I mean, I know you don’t really consider me one of you but I’ve been there right with you. I’m a pro-life Christian conservative. You like having my vote… Continue Reading →

Charge These Republicans with a Crime

 If Democrats allege that all these hundreds of people are signing false affidavits alleging election fraud then why aren’t they charging them with conspiracy or perjury? Come on. Charge them. Let’s go. If these people are perjuring themselves and convincing… Continue Reading →

AOC Sells “Tax the Rich” Sweathirts for $60

This is perfect. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  is hawking a new line of sweatshirts, one of which states “Tax the Rich” and it’s for the low low cost of $60.  Here’s the deal. If you can spend that much money on a… Continue Reading →

Laws for Thee But Not For Me

We’ve seen all sorts of politicians scolding the people for not following the mandates and then going out to dinner, getting their hair cut, or even flying out to Cabo. Its worth noting that all these politicians who get caught… Continue Reading →

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