Dear Republican Leaders,

I’ve been with you for a long time. I mean, I know you don’t really consider me one of you but I’ve been there right with you. I’m a pro-life Christian conservative. You like having my vote but you’re not crazy about having me around. I get it.

For years, we’ve put up with your grudging acceptance of our beliefs. But we stuck it out because…well, quite frankly, we had nowhere else to go. You hated us a little bit less than the other side.

That’s why you allow Big Tech to silence us. You were never really all the comfortable with what we were saying anyway.

But there’s been some trouble. Let’s not even go into the whole Trump presidency thing. You hated him almost as much as the Democrats did and that’s why you pushed back against his agenda every chance you got.  
But let’s just start with your new ask. 

You want us all to focus our energies and donate to Georgia for the special election. We all know that this is a big one. Control of the Senate. These two seats may be the only thing that stands in the way of leftist tyranny. This one should be an easy sell for you, huh?

But there’s a problem. 

Republican leaders have essentially been completely quiet as a majority of us believe the presidential election is being stolen right out from under us. We’ve been begging you to fight this but you’ve refused. But there’s been hardly a word about it from a majority of Republican leaders. Hardly a word. Why? You’re either apathetic about the fate of our country, incompetent, scared, or corrupted. Those aren’t good choices.

For whatever reason, you’re allowing the Democrats to steal the presidential election but still, you desperately want conservative voters to come out in force in January. 

I would’ve thought that the integrity of our voting system would be something worth fighting for but clearly not. This raises a question. Why would we work hard to get Republicans elected when we believe the other side is willing and able to defraud the American electorate and you’ve shown your willingness to stand aside while they do it.

I’m sorry, why would we make an effort when the past election shows our vote doesn’t matter and the GOP can’t even muster the courage to fight to protect our vote? 

Dear GOP, we haven’t just lost faith in our election system. We’ve lost faith in you. 

The pro-life Trump supporting base is willing to fight but I’m begging you. You have to fight with us now. Now, it is the GOP that has nowhere else to go. Fight for us and we will fight with you.