This is so strange. This disease and the way it is viewed has taken on a moral component. When the numbers of cases rise, the news anchors, health experts, and talking heads talk about what the people are doing wrong. 

You’re not listening. You’re not caring for your fellow man. You and your independent spirit! 

I heard one CNN anchor bemoaning the “aftermath of Thanksgiving” because people dared to celebrate with their families.


There is zero introspection about whether lockdowns are effective or if masks actually work.

The focus of their ire is, predictably, conservatives.

For many conservatives, the reaction to this disease has become a political issue. For liberals, however, it’s a moral issue. Even questioning lockdowns, quarantines, and mask wearing is to announce yourself as a “deplorable.”

The problem for conservatives is that they no longer have any faith in the institutions that lead the country, whether it be Dr. Fauci, the media, or the politicians who scold us for breaking the rules while breaking the rules themselves. 

The problem for our elites is they despise the people they’re supposed to be leading. And the people don’t trust the elites.

I honestly don’t know how we get past this. I just know it can’t continue this way.