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Actuating Schism Part II: No Quarter

In my previous post, I laid the groundwork for what I will be explaining further over the next days. Mainly that there has been a de facto schism in the Church for some time, but those who no longer hold… Continue Reading →

Actuating Schism – Part 1

“In a very small circle, Pope Francis is said to have self-critically further explained himself as follows: “It is not to be excluded that I will enter history as the one who split the Catholic Church.” That quote is from… Continue Reading →

I’m Back

We just gave CMR a simplicity makeover updating our from our totally awesome 2009 blog template. We are doing this because we are making a renewed commitment to this site. I have for a few years confined most of my… Continue Reading →

Vatican Releases New Image Of Letter From Paul to Corinth

The Vatican just released a new image of a letter from Paul to some guys in Corinth. In unrelated news: VATICAN CITY –  The Vatican has admitted that it altered a photo sent to the media of a letter from retired… Continue Reading →

A Misunderstood Prophecy For Our Time

In my first article in a year, I discuss Poland’s role in Prophecy. Please click on over! A Spark From Poland *subhead*A Spark From Poland*subhead*

This Is The Real Crisis In The Church

I think that the recent La Stampa article by my friend Emmett O’Regan, with which I profoundly disagree, shows just how deep this crisis of confusion goes and how pernicious this perceived division between loyalty to the faith and loyalty… Continue Reading →



Letter To Editor – Dr. Brain Kopp

Yes, Rome is burning, but we still have work to do With everything that is transpiring today in the Vatican, all these issues of seemingly “biblical proportions,” it’s easy to forget the more mundane but very real problems back here… Continue Reading →

Why The SSPX Must Accept The Deal

SSPX supporters should consider a few things. First, recognition and regularization is a matter of justice. Given without pre-condition and then rejected because they don’t like/trust the current Pope is to make a schism where there was never one before…. Continue Reading →

Bishop Schneider: It Is SSPX Time

Over at Rorate we see highlights of an interview with Bishop Schneider. In it, Bishop Schneider captures my sentiments on the SSPX. Even though their are real and present dangers to the SSPX once regularized, that in and of it… Continue Reading →

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