Over at Rorate we see highlights of an interview with Bishop Schneider.

In it, Bishop Schneider captures my sentiments on the SSPX. Even though their are real and present dangers to the SSPX once regularized, that in and of it itself does not constitute a reason to reject the offer. It is a matter of faith, truth, and justice. You can’t be in or out depending on the Pope and still be Catholic. You either are or aren’t. They are and should act accordingly, regardless of Pope Francis. If they accepted under Benedict, Francis would still be Pope. Even if they wait, there is no guarantee of a future Pope respecting them if this crisis is not yet over. I agree with Bishop Schneider when he says:

“If you remain canonically autonomous for too long, you run the risk of losing a characteristic of the Catholic Church, that is, to be subject to the pope”
“We cannot make our subjection to the Vicar of Christ dependent upon the person of the pope; this would not be faith. You cannot say that “I don’t believe in this pope, I don’t submit, I am going to wait until one comes along that I like.” This is not Catholic, it is not supernatural; it is human. It is a lack of supernaturality and trust in Divine Providence, that God is the one who guides the Church. This is a danger for the SSPX”
“I have asked Msgr. Fellay not to delay his acceptance any longer, and I trust in Providence, though it is not possible to have 100% certainty”

Read the whole thing.  Very interesting.

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