Judge blocks HHS transgender regulation threatening religious freedom

On New Year’s Eve, a federal district judge in Texas blocked an HHS regulation set to go into effect January 1 that could’ve required doctors to perform “sex-reassignment” procedures, even on children, and could’ve forced group health insurance plans to cover the costs of such procedures—with no regard for violation of conscience or religious objections.
The Becket Fund challenged the regulation in Texas representing the Catholic hospital network Franciscan Alliance and the Christian Medical and Dental Associations. The Becket Fund also filed against the regulation in North Dakota federal district court last November on behalf of the Newman Guide-recommended University of Mary, the state of North Dakota, the Sisters of Mercy and a Catholic hospital system. The Catholic Benefits Association, whose members include Catholic schools and colleges, among others, filed a separate suit against the regulation last week.
The Obama administration’s push to define “sex” as including “gender identity” is a serious threat to our culture, to religious freedom and to faithful Catholic education. Yet despite the visible threats we see here in the U.S., Church teaching and numerous warnings from Pope Francis, many Catholic colleges have dedicated themselves to promoting and defending “gender ideology.”
Georgetown professor condemns Trump-voting colleague to hell

Georgetown professor Christine Fair has reportedly bullied a former professor at the Jesuit university for the “sin” of voting for Donald Trump.
Asra Nomani, a former Georgetown journalism professor and Wall Street Journal reporter, wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post in November explaining why, as a Muslim woman and “long-time liberal,” she voted for Trump. Responding to the article in a series of tweets, Fair cursed at Nomani, condemned her to hell, and even questioned her status as a human being. Nomani contacted Georgetown administrators about Fair’s conduct hoping they would intervene.
Ironically, Fair is the “Peace and Security Studies” professor at Georgetown.
It seems to me the good news here is that a Georgetown professor actually believes in hell. The bad news is that this is yet another example of Georgetown employing faculty that completely fail at offering a faithful Christian witness to students. And if Fair is willing to act and speak like this in public, one can only imagine what is taking place in her classroom.

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