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When A Lamp Is More Than A Lamp

Remarkable new photos from the renovation project at the magnificent Cathedral of St. Joseph in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In the capable hands of Notre Dame’s Duncan Stroik, the cathedral has emerged from its pall of cream paint and unfortunate… Continue Reading →

New Renovation of St. Mary Cathedral, Perth, Australia

From the “what were they thinking?” file. Surely we can do better than those day-glo panels in the sanctuary. They make the altar, the image of Christ, look downright dull. Oh, wait. The altar is lit up too!

Church Architecture Before and After

St. Ann Church in Charlotte, NC has a very interesting building history, mostly dominated by the fact that the upper church was never built. For over 40 years, the people of this parish have been worshiping in the basement which… Continue Reading →

New Church in Virginia

I received some photos today of a new church being designed for the parish of St. John in Leesburg, Virginia. With thanks to my friend Michael Franck from Franck and Lohsen architects in Washington, DC. More to come!

Catholicism, Vatican II and Americanism All in One

I had the good fortune to stop by Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in the Chicago suburb of Glenview recently and saw a pretty remarkable thing: a Catholic church which used a colonial mode to “prove” that Catholic were… Continue Reading →

Ecclesiastical Dandelions? Krakow Surprises

I had the good fortune to spend a few days in Krakow last week. Leave your presumptions about Soviet-era high rises at the door. The entire city of Krakow is on the U.N.’s World Heritage List, filled with beautiful churches… Continue Reading →

Baptistery Dome: New St. Michael the Archangel Church

Some months ago, CMR presented a series of articles on the new Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Leawood, Kansas. The building is almost completed, with a dedication date scheduled for June 13. As it comes close to being… Continue Reading →

Counter Proposal to the West Coast Shrine Design

CMR readers may remember the post here some time ago on the proposed design for a west coast shrine of the Divine Mercy, a building obviously well-intentioned but with less-than-adequate architectural skill (left). The uber-talented and ever-energetic architect Matthew Alderman… Continue Reading →

Please, Please Get Another Architect!

Via Spirit DailyI read last night about a proposed new Divine Mercy Shrine on the west coast, shown here on the left. I am always happy to see fruit of the devotion to the Divine Mercy, since that devotion means… Continue Reading →

Flashback: Benedictine Arrangement Variation

I visited home for Thanksgiving and ran across the copyright 1974 children’s hand missal I was given when I received my first Holy Communion in 1976. I hadn’t seen it in years, and after all the talk about the “Benedictine”… Continue Reading →

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