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This Week in Eugenics

We here at CMR have noticed that eugenics never really went away. Hitler gave it a bad name so they simply started calling it family planning, overpopulation, and environmentalism. But it’s still just plain ol’ eugenics. Zombie from Pajamas Media… Continue Reading →

I Am a Fishy American!

I am a Fishy-American. And this is my fishy blog. That’s right. I’m pronouncing it here and now. Consider this my John Hancock. The White House is asking snitches to report anything fishy: “If you get an email or see… Continue Reading →

MSM Ahead of Blogs Except When It Isn’t

The NY Times is doing a victory lap over the blogosphere today: For the most part, the traditional news outlets lead and the blogs follow, typically by 2.5 hours, according to a new computer analysis of news articles and commentary… Continue Reading →

All Life is Sacred…Or Else

I was asked just today by a pro-choice Republican why some “right wingers” are “obsessed” with abortion to the exclusion of so many other issues. Obsessed? I asked. “Yes,” he said adamantly. “Some right wingers act like that’s the only… Continue Reading →

Read It and Weep

This, according to many sources, was written by John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar, in 1977. I assure you it’s one of the scariest things you’ve read in a while. And here’s the thing. I don’t believe this kind of thinking… Continue Reading →

This is Why Newspapers Are Dying

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s comments about using abortion as population control raised a lot of eyebrows in the blogosphere. Over 9,236 to be precise, according to Google blog search. Huge sites too like Hot Air featured the story prominently. Even Drudge… Continue Reading →

Who is “We?”

As Patrick has written in his excellent post, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has done the unforgivable. She’s told the truth about what many secularist leftists really believe. She said: Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there… Continue Reading →

Disabled Are Not ‘Persons’?

The smarty pants people are at it again. Maybe they were never not at it but they seem a little more brazen recently. I thought maybe they would’ve learned some lessons from that nasty little affair we call the Holocaust… Continue Reading →

‘Three Generations of Imbeciles’ and Roe

In the latest edition of Psychiatric Services, a senior staff attorney for the Center for Public Representation, Newton, Massachusetts points to a connection between eugenics laws of the 1920’s and our current abortion law. In reviewing a book by Paul… Continue Reading →

The E Word

What happened to “eugenics?” I mean the word. The practice is clearly alive and well. But the word is gone. In the beginning of the last century, eugenics was all the rage throughout Western civilization until Hitler came around and… Continue Reading →

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