We here at CMR have noticed that eugenics never really went away. Hitler gave it a bad name so they simply started calling it family planning, overpopulation, and environmentalism. But it’s still just plain ol’ eugenics. Zombie from Pajamas Media has noticed this as well and has a new feature called “This Week in Eugenics.” Definitely worth reading:

Wait — eugenics, did you say? Isn’t that a discredited pseudoscience from centuries past, like phrenology?

Well, yes, but eugenics never went away. Despite reaching its bloody culmination in the Nazi era, eugenics is still seductive as a concept to many people, and eugenics-based proposals still crop up in popular culture distressingly often, frequently by people who don’t even realize the historical implications of what they’re suggesting.

Over the last several days I’ve noticed an alarming upswing in eugenics-related incidents and current events, even though none of them were identified as such. And so, to rectify this oversight by the Meme Lords, I present — This Week in Eugenics!

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