Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s comments about using abortion as population control raised a lot of eyebrows in the blogosphere. Over 9,236 to be precise, according to Google blog search.

Huge sites too like Hot Air featured the story prominently. Even Drudge ran with the story yesterday.

But as of this morning the mainstream media has completely ignored the story about one of the most powerful people in the country essentially endorsing eugenics on populations “we don’t want to have too many of.” Not one.

What the heck is going on here? What are we to make of the media’s complete silence on this issue? They don’t see a little eugenics between friends as a big deal? They thought it was taken out of context? What?!

As the large metropolitan newspapers die, they’re wondering “why?” This is why.

I must say kudos to the New York Times for reporting the comment in the first place but they obviously didn’t see how explosive the quote was because 1) there was no follow up to her answer and 2) the quote was buried in the story.

The Times didn’t bother to ask her who the populations were that “we” didn’t want too many of or even who the “we” consisted of. In fact, nobody has.