I am a Fishy-American. And this is my fishy blog. That’s right. I’m pronouncing it here and now. Consider this my John Hancock.

The White House is asking snitches to report anything fishy: “If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov.”

Well let me save all those beleaguered President Obama supporters the hassle because I reported myself to the White House as a “Fishy American.” And CMR is my fishy blog.

If being fishy means believing that ObamaCare will financially support abortion and increase the number of abortions in this country…
If being fishy means standing up for the elderly and the chronically ill who will be coaxed to die for the good of society…
If being fishy means standing up for the individual rather than the collective…


I want you to say it after me in the combox “I am a fishy American.” Stand up and be proud of your fishiness. And if you have a blog just write “I am a fishy American and this is my fishy blog” with a link to your blog.

Come on folks, Obama’s got his hands full, please make it easy by outing yourself as a fishy American so the White House doesn’t have to investigate you. Just out yourself so the White House can spend its time wisely destroying the economy.

Maybe you’ll even make the official enemies list. And maybe by admitting upfront our fishiness, the White House will be lenient on us when they dole out their punishment.

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