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My 4 Year Old Didn’t Kill Anyone Today

I brought my four year old to the 11 a.m. Mass this morning. All my other children were there already with their parish school. It was a nice Mass and my oldest is in the choir. Our pastor talked during… Continue Reading →

Santorum Ad Features Miracle Daughter

This is pretty amazing. It’s so good that I don’t even want to put it into a political perspective because with Santorum I kinda’ feel like he’s the real thing. A real family man who puts family first. HT LifeNews.com

Vid: Baby Escapes Crib, Destroys Evidence

This made me laugh out loud. So cute. HT Viral Footage

Parenting According to Monster Movies

In honor of Halloween I’m re-promulgating my long held theory on parenting informed by monster movies. When I was young and single I was King Kong. The King of all Monsters. Nobody messed with Kong. Nobody. Until…I fell in love…. Continue Reading →

Ten Rules for Great Parenting

Play with your children every day – This tires them out for bedtime. Kiss your children before they go to bed – That way you can tell if they actually brushed their teeth or they just ran the toothbrush under… Continue Reading →

Ninja Gear!

Walking through our local mall the other day, my six year old saw some things he wanted. No. Not wanted. Needed. And when I say “some” I mean he pretty much wanted anything that had any color on it whatsoever…. Continue Reading →

I Know This Sounds Bad But…

I know this sounds bad but at this point I’m left to hoping my three youngest children don’t really amount to much. Hey, I’m a good Dad. I hope they have good, fulfilling, happy, and holy lives but just not… Continue Reading →

Hey, That’s My Daughter!

I’m the worst Dad…evah! I read the site “Weasel Zippers” many times a day. Well, often when they run a story on abortion they run this graphic along with it. I’ve honestly seen this pic 50 times or more. But… Continue Reading →

I’m a Widdle Drunk…

I wrote what I’m pretty sure is a funny story involving my four year old which is pretty embarrassing. So please check it out. I think you’ll get a laugh out of it. Continue reading at the National Catholic Register>>>

7 Reasons Why Parenting is Harder Nowadays

There’s a bunch of reasons parents have it easier nowadays than parents 50,60,70 years ago. Medicine alone is reason to thank God. Think of how many childrens’ lives were spared because of penicillin. But let’s face it. The 21st century… Continue Reading →

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