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You Can Never Afford Them

I have a smart mouth. My brain, not so much. But I know I’ve done enough damage to people with my words that I’ve learned over the years to hold my tongue. So I tend to… ruminate, as my wife… Continue Reading →

The Horrible Meanings Behind Nursery Rhymes

My wife went out to a shower today. I’m still not even sure if it was a baby shower or a wedding shower. I don’t really ask a lot of questions. All I know is she got dressed up and… Continue Reading →

My Son’s Amazing “Marco Polo” Talent

You know what I can’t stand. Those parents who put all those bumper stickers on their car about their honor student son. They’re the same parents who bore you to tears in the produce aisle telling you about how awesome… Continue Reading →

Totally Together Mom Loses it

Adventures of a New Mom As my brothers may have mentioned I am the sister who just had her first child. As the youngest of 7 and the aunt to 19 I figured that I would transition to this mother… Continue Reading →

Two Hilarious Lists About Kids

I found these two lists about kids just cracked me up. So I’ll just link to them both here. It’s my gift to you ’cause I’m good like that. I wish I wrote them both but I didn’t so I… Continue Reading →

Sister Had Baby!

My sister Mary had a boy! And the baby’s fine. Thanks so much for all the prayers everyone. My sister’s blood pressure is still a bit high so she’s still being watched but I saw her last night and she… Continue Reading →

A Parenting Moment I’ll Remember Forever

If you like funny stories about families I think you’ll like this story I wrote for the National Catholic Register. I’m pretty sure you won’t see the ending coming. I know I didn’t. There are moments that jump out at… Continue Reading →

Overheard Convos in the Archbold House

11 year old: Good job. You tied your own shoes.5 y/o: Thanks.11: But your shoes are on the wrong feet.5: Oh. 8 y/o: Dad, I’m not feeling good enough to have breakfast.Dad: OK.8 y/o: Maybe just like a little snack… Continue Reading →

Get Your Clothes On!!!

I’ve got a little bit of a cold. OK. It’s a really bad cold that would have normal men laid up in bed and crying out for Chicken Soup. But that’s not how I roll. So I wrapped myself in… Continue Reading →

“Mother/Father” Now “Parent 1/2” on Passports

Madness. Political correctness in its most vile form. By attempting to be inclusive with the term “family” they’ve misshapen it and essentially made it meaningless. Fox News reports: The words “mother” and “father” will be removed from U.S. passport applications… Continue Reading →

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