11 year old: Good job. You tied your own shoes.
5 y/o: Thanks.
11: But your shoes are on the wrong feet.
5: Oh.

8 y/o: Dad, I’m not feeling good enough to have breakfast.
Dad: OK.
8 y/o: Maybe just like a little snack would help.
Dad: Ha! No. Good try though.

Scene: The three year old and I were in the van.
3 y/o: Dad, where are we going?
Dad: We’re going to get food for the house.
3 y/o: What?! The house doesn’t eat food?
Dad: Ha!
3 y/o: When did I get so funny?

My three year old girl and my five year old son were sitting in the front room.
5 y/o: (longing in his voice) If only we had dynamite.
3 y/o: That would be so cool.