Blogging can be easy. You read a hundred stories of tragedies, public shortcomings and sins and you pick the most outrageous to write on. But it can really wear you down after a while. I gets so I just want to read some good news sometimes. Sadly, those stories always seem a little more difficult to find. I’m kinda’ like Lot searching for the one righteous man. But Lot didn’t have a blog.

So yesterday, I grabbed my three year old in the afternoon and we walked hand in hand to our neighborhood 7-11 just to give my poor bloggin’ head a break. She couldn’t decide between an Icee and a candy bar. The decision was much too much for her. It was like Sophie’s Choice for three year olds. While I waited I looked down at the newspaper in the rack. The headlines detailed murders, wars, Church scandals, and crooked politicians. I sometimes think that newspapers could run the same stories every day and just fill in different names and datelines – like Mad Libs for pessimists. It can get downright depressing.

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