I’m the worst Dad…evah!

I read the site “Weasel Zippers” many times a day. Well, often when they run a story on abortion they run this graphic along with it.

I’ve honestly seen this pic 50 times or more. But last night I was looking at it and thinking that little girl doesn’t match at all. Not even a little. And then it hit me – THAT’S MY KID!!! Yup. That little girl in two shades of pink and the boots is my three year old daughter. And the girl standing behind her is my eleven year old. You can see my brown shoe too but I totally matched.

So, as you can see, I’m a terrible Dad who takes his daughter out in unmatching clothes and then doesn’t recognize his own daughter when he looks at her 50 times. But on the plus side, they wear unmatching clothes at pro-life rallies so I’ve gotta’ get a little credit, right?