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Fr. McCartney on the Giuliani Debacle

By Father John McCartney Reprinted from the Pastor’s Page of St. Matthew Church in Dix Hills NY A Catholic news story has developed over the last several days which merits our attention. The story has its origin in the Mass… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Criticizes Rudy Taking Communion

New York Cardinal Edward Egan says Rudy Giuliani should not have received Holy Communion during the pope’s visit. Egan said he had “an understanding” with the former presidential candidate and New York mayor that he is not to receive the… Continue Reading →

Now That’s An Endorsement! Pope JPII Endorses Rudy (Kind of)

Jon Voight, the famous actor who portrayed Pope John Paul II in the television movie a few years back was in Florida yesterday for fellow Catholic Rudy Giuliani. Now Voight doesn’t just endorse. He builds Rudy up into messianic proportions…. Continue Reading →

Rudy Switches Tactics

The Associated Press is Reporting that Rudy Giuliani is witching tactics by changing his focus from exclusively 9/11 to the economy and tax cuts. At a recent rally in Florida, Rudy highlighted that changed focus. I am the most fiscally… Continue Reading →

Rudy Was Honest About His Dishonesty

A report posted on Politico.com Wednesday said that at the time when Giuliani was beginning an extramarital relationship with Judith Nathan, who eventually became his third wife, he billed obscure city agencies thousands of dollars for his police security detail… Continue Reading →

The Award for the Ickiest Use of 9-11 Goes To….

RUDY GIULIANI!!!!! At a campaign stop, former mayor Rudy Giuliani was dogged by a heckler in a Giuliani mask carrying a placard that read, “Hold on . . . my wife is calling.” That was a dig at Giuliani’s recent… Continue Reading →

Rudy Thinks You’re an Idiot

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani told the Wall St. Journal that he now won’t answer the question of what he thinks about Roe V. Wade. In an interview, Giuliani was asked if Roe v Wade should be overturned? Giuliani answered,… Continue Reading →

Giuliani Should Pay Attention

This is just too good. As Giuliani was trying to explain his ‘Catholic’ position on issues such as abortion, God made his displeasure manifest by having lightning strike and cutting out the sound temporarily. Wow, what can you say? Rudy… Continue Reading →

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