Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani told the Wall St. Journal that he now won’t answer the question of what he thinks about Roe V. Wade. In an interview, Giuliani was asked if Roe v Wade should be overturned? Giuliani answered, “I don’t answer that because I wouldn’t want a judge to have to answer that.”

Firstly, that shows a fundamental intentional misunderstanding of the role of the executive branch as opposed to the judicial. We don’t want judges saying how they’d rule because they may face that issue as a judge and people don’t want judges to “prejudge” cases. Judges would have to pardon themselves from rulings based on previously stated opinions.

The Supreme Court has also issued rulings on civil rights. Does that mean presidential candidates shouldn’t talk about the importance of civil rights? But this in reality has nothing to do with the separation of power. It’s politics. Pure and simple. Rudy doesn’t want to answer questions about abortion because it’s hurting him in the polls. His advisers have invented this gobbledygook to put an end to questions on this issue.

The strongest Rudy has been about the issue of life was when he said in May that he would be “okay” if the court overturned Roe, but also “okay” if the court upheld it. Boy, that’s a rallying cry, huh? “Okay” to one of the most crucial issues of our day is just not an appropriate response.

Think of Lincoln on slavery: “I guess it would be pretty cool if slavery ended but…whatever.

Martin Luther King on civil rights: “I had a dream…but I guess it was just a dream. It’s okay if it doesn’t come true.

Giuliani then showed that all of his press advisers have been doing their job because he answered the next question in a way as to be essentially code to people who are not at all “okay” with abortion that he’s their guy. When asked which members of the Supreme Court would be the type of judges he would appoint, Giuliani named Thomas, Scalia, Roberts and Alito. We’re supposed to be happy about that because those are believed to be the four pro-life judges.

This is a shallow political trick. I can just imagine the advisers laughing after they came up with it. Rudy has made it clear he no longer sees right and wrong, he views only the cold calucations of right and left.