The Associated Press is Reporting that Rudy Giuliani is witching tactics by changing his focus from exclusively 9/11 to the economy and tax cuts. At a recent rally in Florida, Rudy highlighted that changed focus.

I am the most fiscally conservative candidate in the race. My record clearly shows that……well..ummm. Your are just going to have to believe me, I am the most fiscally conservative. I applaud President Bush for his recent decision to offer a tax rebate, but I don’t think it goes far enough. Rather than the $800 dollars that the President is proposing, I would offer $911 dollars.

Further, none of my opponents have experience like I have. I ran America’s largest city, and in between marching in gay parades, dressing in drag on SNL, and supporting abortion, I actually thought about cutting taxes at least 911 times. Do any of my opponents have a record like that?

My 911 point economic program is the best of all the candidates. Yes, I took it from Fred Thompson, but I paid him $911 dollars for it, after all it is not like he will need it soon.

If the Democrats in Congress try to raise taxes, my desk will become ground zero for their proposals.

It remains to be seen if the change of focus away from 9/11 will work.