ESPN anchor Dana Jacobsen got all “likkered up” the other night during a charity roast of the hosts of the Mike and Mike show.

So, what did she actually say? According to the website Deadspin:

f… Notre dame”
“f….touchdown Jesus”
and – the step-aside-because-lightning-is-about-to-strike… “f…. Jesus.”

Didn’t hear about this? What? No major media have picked up on this one. Think it might have gotten more attention if her remarks were racist, sexist, or, heaven forbid, directed at Allah?

Wonder if ESPN will say anything or do anything about the fracas?

Just imagine if she’d said the same thing but said it about Allah. She probably would’ve been fired before leaving the stage that night and she’d have been on Larry King twenty minutes later on her way to rehab.

Once again, this proves that anti-Christianity is the last accepted prejudice.