At a campaign stop, former mayor Rudy Giuliani was dogged by a heckler in a Giuliani mask carrying a placard that read, “Hold on . . . my wife is calling.”

That was a dig at Giuliani’s recent weird move when he took a cellphone call from wife Judi in the middle of an important speech to the NRA. He later said the phone issue is “frivolous” and brushed off criticism.

“Gosh, you have to have perspective,” Rudy said. “If that’s the biggest issue of the campaign, we’re going to win…If I had chased all of these frivolous issues, I never would have turned around the deficit in New York City. I never would have reduced crime . . . welfare . . . and I wouldn’t have been able to handle Sept. 11,” he said.

So let me get this straight someone asks you about taking phone calls from your wife (your third wife…sorry I couldn’t help it) and he answers by bringing up 9-11.

I was having a hard time taking Rudy seriously before. This isn’t helping.