Jon Voight, the famous actor who portrayed Pope John Paul II in the television movie a few years back was in Florida yesterday for fellow Catholic Rudy Giuliani. Now Voight doesn’t just endorse. He builds Rudy up into messianic proportions. Check this out. (H/T NRO)

People ask me why I’m for Rudy — I say, anything you want to throw at me, that’ it. It’s national security, it’s gettin’ the job done in Washington. I saw him do it my hometown. I’m from New York (cheers), I’m originally from Yonkers (more cheers) You couldn’t know me from Yonkers! Give me a break!

I lived there for ten years when I was learning to be an actor. I saw the city go downhill – it was a sad thing to see. Home is where your heart is, and I was heartbroken to see it become the most crime-ridden city in the country. That wasn’t a statistic – you couldn’t walk down certain streets. Kids couldn’t walk outside with their Jordan shoes. It was a bad, bad time. We were all praying something would happen. You pray, but you don’t know if something’s going to come and change things.

And then, from God, Rudy Giuliani came!

And through imagination, clear thinking, and hard work, they got results… My brother said, ‘you gotta get back here – you got to see what’s happening on Broadway – you can walk down 42nd Street again!’

(referring to after 9/11) He took away fear, he gave everybody hope. The whole world was in awe of Rudy Giuliani. We Americans felt stronger because of this man. I’m forever grateful to this man. Destiny tends to show us the important people to call on in times of need… Rudy Giuliani has demonstrated to us, in every way, that he is the man.

God sent us a pro-choice, pro-gay, thrice married former Mayor? Wow. God’s really slipping.