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Californians Shocked to Hear Prayer at CYO Game

Parents in California are reportedly shocked and appalled that a prayer is taking place before games run by the local Catholic Youth Organization! Some parents are fleeing the league with their children, horrified that their children saw or worse yet,… Continue Reading →

Town Denies Public Rosary and the Prayer that Changed Everything

Mike Casey is a praying man. The father of two believes in the power of prayer to change things. But it’s easy to believe in the power of prayer when you see how a little prayer can change things. It… Continue Reading →

Prayer Request for a Sick Daughter

CMR reader Bridget has a prayer request for her daughter: I wanted to ask if you could please include my daughter Ella in your intentions and/or family prayers. She is a little over 4mo and is/has been listed for heart… Continue Reading →

Watch Out for Rick Perry’s ARMY OF GOD!!!

Oh my goodness, start hiding atheists in your basement. Governor Rick Perry is mounting an ARMY OF GOD intent on taking over the country. Watch out!!! He’s going to establish himself as the head of a theocracy. How do we… Continue Reading →

Alveda King and Lila Rose Pray at The Response

The great Alveda King and the awesome Lila Rose pray for an end to abortion at The Response, the prayer event that Rick Perry famously attended to the consternation of liberal nation. Seriously, liberals are being driven absolutely crazy by… Continue Reading →

A Mother Needs Your Prayers

As a Catholic blogger, I’m constantly surprised and overwhelmed at the beauty and faith of people I don’t know. I sometimes click around and end up on blogs that I’ve never even heard of and find a tale of just… Continue Reading →

Clerk Faces Jail Defending Pledge and Prayer

This is nuts. Pure nuts. A Texas County Clerk may face jail time for defending the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer after a judge crossed it out of the meeting’s minutes. He crossed it out for fear that the… Continue Reading →

Prayer Fail at Nascar

This prayer seems a tad unserious and ridiculous… unless the dude was in big trouble with his wife for something. HT Hapblog

7 Habits of People Who Radically Trust God

Jen Fulwiler is one of my favorite bloggers. She’s smart, insightful, funny and faithful. Check this one out from Jen called the 7 Habits of People Who Radically Trust God: I read a lot of biographies and memoirs about inspiring… Continue Reading →

7 Reasons I Stink At Praying

I Am… Awesomely Humble. Sometimes, no sooner do I hit my knees when I start thinking about how wonderful I am to take time out of my day to pray. I’m like a short chubby St. Teresa of Avila, bursting… Continue Reading →

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