As a Catholic blogger, I’m constantly surprised and overwhelmed at the beauty and faith of people I don’t know. I sometimes click around and end up on blogs that I’ve never even heard of and find a tale of just awesome faith and beauty and yes, sometimes heartbreak.

Tonight, I stumbled on Evy Rosebrook’s blog at “Yes, They Are All Mine.” She’s a blogging grandmother who is often humorous and fun. But recently she’s been writing about her much loved daughter. You see, her daughter is a young mother who has cancer. And while physically, things don’t seem to be going very well right now, the faith this family is showing is truly an inspiration.

On June 28th, Evy wrote a short post that truly broke my heart. She wrote:


As a parent I just can’t imagine going through this. I won’t imagine it because I’ll be a wreck.

More recently she wrote:

I have been spending some time with Kris. It has been a very heart wrenching journey. I must say first how proud I am of this daughter of mine. Her faith never waivers. As I was lying on her bed one evening holding her hand, bawling my eyes out, she kept reassuring me that it was all going to be OK. I know in my heart of hearts it will all be OK. I know that all that happens is by His design. Sometimes I argue with myself about which outcome is to win this war. If she dies, she has won the final trophy, Eternity with Jesus. If she lives, she has won the battle against cancer for the short term.

So please go read all of her stories and send prayers her way. Send them for a mother who’s looking for a miracle. Send them for a mother whose faith is an inspiration for all of us. Send them for the entire family. They need it.

I mean, hey, what good is the Catholic blogosphere if we can’t send a few thousand prayers someone’s way.

Click here to read her latest post and then click on the banner up top to read the others.