CMR reader Bridget has a prayer request for her daughter:

I wanted to ask if you could please include my daughter Ella in your intentions and/or family prayers. She is a little over 4mo and is/has been listed for heart transplantation (status 1A). She already had surgery back in May, but her heart is just too severely defective to repair surgically again. My family and I only met E when she was 3 days old, but it was serious love at first sight. We all fell hard for her; then again, she is the most ridiculously cute baby on the planet. Truly.

But I digress. We are praying for complete healing of her heart and are asking for intercession through Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha. Would you join us in our prayers?

I understand if my request seems bold. I don’t expect a response, but I figured I would ask. My baby girl deserves nothing less than all I can give.

If you can spare a moment, please say a prayer for E and her family.

Bridget, I can definitely say that when I drag the kids out of the pool tonight and throw them upstairs to bed, we’ll all say a prayer.