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Pro-Lifers vs. Pro-Life Legislation

The state Senate in Ohio may soon be ready to vote on what’s being called the “Heartbeat Bill” which outlaws abortion once an unborn child’s heartbeat is detected. But nothing’s every easy for pro-lifers because the bill is getting some… Continue Reading →

Crosses Vandalized, Pro-Lifers Pelted with Feces

A pro-life display of wooden crosses memorializing the unborn victims of abortion on the campus of the University of Buffalo were vandalized and several pro-lifers were pelted with dog feces at a nearby abortion clinic. Jackie Anderson, communications director for… Continue Reading →

The Myth of the Personally Pro-Life Catholic

I was wondering something tonight in light of the news that Congress will be investigating Planned Parenthood. Are there really Catholics who are personally pro-life and publicly pro-choice? Is that an honest opinion? The answer, if you can call it… Continue Reading →

Perry Signs Pro-Life Pledge

Rick Perry has signed the Pro-Life Presidential Leadership Pledge, something I think he absolutely had to do to win the GOP Primary. And it’s something that Mitt Romney hasn’t done. The SBA-List reports: “Governor Perry has been a long-time friend… Continue Reading →

Trailer for Pro-Life Movie “Doonby”

Big Hollywood is calling this movie “anti-abortion.” And hey, Robert Davi’s in it so it’s gotta’ be good. I’m always looking for decent movies with some quality to them.

This is the Pro-Choice Movement?

Pro-lifers in New York held a prayer vigil outside a Brooklyn abortuary so, of course, pro-choice protestors protested the protest. Does that make sense? The Brooklyn Pro-Choice Network called in a few nutty groups like Church Ladies for Choice and… Continue Reading →

A Pro-Life Horror Movie?

I’m reading that this is supposed to be a “pro-life horror movie” but the premise about “pregnant women kidnapped from abortion clinics and forced to give birth” doesn’t seem to be very pro-life to me. Let me know if this… Continue Reading →

Awesome! Pro-Lifers Take Over NARAL Site

NARAL put out a call for people to send in a pic, a message, a sign of their pro-abort zealotry. They said they wanted to put a face to their cause or some such thing. Here it is: But it… Continue Reading →

ND 88. Free at Last!!!

It’s been about two years since President Obama was honored by the University of Notre Dame. On that sad day, the university named after Our Lady had pro-life demonstrators arrested for trespassing while other demonstrators were ignored. Their prosecution has… Continue Reading →

Notre Dame Faculty Senate Rejects Pro-Life Proposal

The Faculty Senate of Notre Dame inexplicably and horrifyingly voted down a resolution of support for either Father Jenkins’s participation in the March for Life or the recommendations of his Task Force on Supporting the Choice for Life, according to… Continue Reading →

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