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Pro-Life Display Vandalized

On Holy Thursday, pro-lifer students at Clarion University found that their pro-life display had been gruesomely vandalized. I mean, this is just abhorrent. Pro-lifers are used to their displays being vandalized but honestly this takes it to a new level…. Continue Reading →

Ron Paul Is Right. Wait, Did I Just Say That?

I hate writing about Ron Paul because the mere mention of his name sets off a firestorm. But here’s my deal with Ron Paul. he’s one of those guys that I listen to for about six minutes and I’m like… Continue Reading →

Pro-Choice Mercenaries for Hire

The catch of the day goes to Denise Hunnell aka Catholic-Mom who found this ad on Craigslist. Hmmm, seems like Big Abortion is getting a bit nervous, huh? Because here’s the thing. It’s money they’ve got and people they don’t…. Continue Reading →

Big Abortion Watches This and Changes Their Shorts

This video should come with a warning label for pro-aborts. “This video which shows thousands of young people on fire to end abortion may prove absolutely horrifying to you. It is reccomended that when watching this you have a change… Continue Reading →

Ultrasound Belt? See Unborn Baby 24/7?

Now here’s something definitely weird and possibly wonderful. It’s kind of an ultrasound belt that expectant mothers could wear that would constantly show their baby. It’s called a PreVue and was featured in the mag Business Insider. This would seem… Continue Reading →

Gov. Signs 3 Day Waiting Period for Abortion

South Dakota’s Governor signed a law requiring a three day waiting period for abortions. This is great news. Just 8 months and 27 days to go. CNS News reports: South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed a law Tuesday requiring women… Continue Reading →

Dear Mr. Boehner: We’re Not Here for Moral Victories

Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List along with a number of other leading pro-lifers like Lila Rose and Brian Burch of Catholic Vote just sent a public letter to Congressman John Boehner thanking him for all he’s done… Continue Reading →

“Pro-Life” D and R Plead for Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s YouTube channel is featuring two self identified pro-lifers pleading for government funding of Planned Parenthood. To me, it’s just two more Democrats doing their best to remind everyone there’s no such thing as an elected pro-life Democrat. Like… Continue Reading →

Gov’t Looking Into Pro-Life Stealth Technology

The U.S. military is reportedly looking into state of the art stealth technology employed by pro-lifers at least once a year. Said one Pentagon official: “Once a year on the same day they announce the time and the date they’re… Continue Reading →

Do You Trust Chris Christie?

Chris Christie, the first pro-life Governor of New Jersey. That’s a pretty awesome moniker for a guy who used to be publicly pro-choice. But in many ways Christie in power has been very conservative. His very public battle with the… Continue Reading →

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