The U.S. military is reportedly looking into state of the art stealth technology employed by pro-lifers at least once a year.

Said one Pentagon official: “Once a year on the same day they announce the time and the date they’re going to have thousands of people march into Washington D.C. but every year they come and go without anyone even noticing them. It’s quite amazing.”

This is especially worrisome since the Department of Homeland Security previously labeled “opponents of abortion” as likely to engage in acts of terror.

This startling stealth capability is best shown by comparing the media’s coverage of the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally that included live break-ins and extensive coverage by the media but there was hardly any mention at all of a pro-life rally attended by thousands more.

The Pentagon is reportedly looking into how these pro-lifers essentially invade a city without anyone noticing. Their hope is to employ such capability to update their own stealth ground attack maneuvers.

This pro-life operating capability has oddly become more effective the larger the crowds have become. In 1974, 20,000 people marched in the March for Life and were hardly noticed but in the past few years hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers have managed to enter the capitol of the United States of America without hardly any notice.

This invisibility seems to be effective on about 60% of the population, especially on the coasts.

An Ivy League researcher published a study of “Method of Anti-Choice Invisibility in the Physical Theory of Diffraction.” The researcher attempted to interview pro-lifers for the paper but failed to locate even one, indicating that their stealth capabilities work exceedingly well on the coasts and on college campuses.

Oddly, liberal activists tend to have an exact opposite capability in that even if only a dozen anti-war or liberal activists show up anywhere with signs, it seems to attract the notice of all media organizations and the culture at large.

White House administration officials speaking on condition of anonymity said they’re hoping that pro-lifers stealth capability proves so effective that perhaps pro-lifers might disappear the other 364 days a year.