Planned Parenthood’s YouTube channel is featuring two self identified pro-lifers pleading for government funding of Planned Parenthood.

To me, it’s just two more Democrats doing their best to remind everyone there’s no such thing as an elected pro-life Democrat. Like Bigfoot and Nessie, it’s just a myth. Sure, sometimes people report seeing one or hearing one. But it’s either a sham, a scam, or just imaginary.

Watch as these two self identified pro-life Dems plead for funding for their Planned Parenthood overlords all while promising that none of the hundreds of millions go to funding abortion- because they’re against that, you know.

Remember, pro-life Dems don’t want to subsidize abortion, just abortionists.

Update: The second guy is actually an R. My mistake. He’s still completely disingenuous about being pro-life. But he’s an R who’s disingenuous about being pro-life.