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Wait, I Thought Obama Was Beating the Church

If you’ve been paying attention to the battle between the Catholic Church and the Obama administration and listening to the scorecard keeping by the media, you’d think it’s been a rout for the administration. How many talking heads have called… Continue Reading →

Underground Morality of Christians

In China there’s the state approved Church and the underground Church. We look at that with our Western eyes and we wonder how such a thing could be. But here in America, it seems to me we’ve just got our… Continue Reading →

Abp. Dolan Warns Obama

Thems fighting words. And I’m likin’ it. Archbishop Timothy Dolan sent a pretty strongly worded letter to President Obama saying that unless this administration changes course quickly on the issue of religious freedom that the government is creating “a national… Continue Reading →

Bus Driver Fired for Refusing Abortion Clinic Trip

A bus driver was fired for refusing to drive a woman to Planned Parenthood. He didn’t know if she was going for an abortion or not but thought she might so he refused to drive her. I’m not sure where… Continue Reading →

The “Plywood over Jesus” Precedent

Don’t anyone dare act surprised. There’s clear precedent for this. Remember when the White House asked Georgetown to cover a a gold “IHS” monogram symbolizing Jesus’ name with a piece of black-painted plywood while Obama gave his speech? Well that… Continue Reading →

Kiss Religious Freedom Goodbye

I think pretty soon we’re all going to be able to be arrested on a new charge called “Working while Being Christian.” Look at these two stories about religious freedom and look how they essentially take almost mutually exclusive rulings… Continue Reading →

Tet Offensive

Sometimes we are reminded of how tenuous a thread religious liberty hangs by in many parts of the world. Over the past years we have seen many stories that speak of the opening up to the west that has occurred… Continue Reading →

Tolerant Students Won’t Tolerate Pope

Students at Rome’s main La Sapienza University plan to disrupt Pope Benedict XVI’s planned visit to their campus later this week with blasts of loud rock music. The group of left-wing physics students on Monday launched an ‘Anti-Clerical Week’ of… Continue Reading →

The World’s Easiest Job

What do you think is the world’s easiest job? Weatherman? Telly Savalas’ barber? Fan mail coordinator for Stockard Channing? Sure, all easy jobs, but I have another one for you. A spot on the Saudi Arabian Human Rights Commission. Now… Continue Reading →

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