A bus driver was fired for refusing to drive a woman to Planned Parenthood. He didn’t know if she was going for an abortion or not but thought she might so he refused to drive her.

I’m not sure where I am on this one yet. I fully support the guy’s right not to drive someone to Planned Parenthood but doesn’t the bus company have some rights to hire drivers that will actually…you know, drive people where they want to go.

Can you really not drive people to where they want to go and still be a bus driver?

Maybe I’m missing something. So I was thinking about this and I saw this story in England where there’s a case where blind passengers are being ordered off buses because Muslim bus drivers have some kind of thing about “unclean” guide dogs. That’s certainly not cool.

Wonder if you guys have anything to add to clear this up. I’m thinking that if you own the bus company you can tell people you’re not taking them but if you work for the bus company you can be fired. Your thoughts?