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Muslims Kill Santa!!!

A gang of adherents to the religion of peace have killed Santa Claus. Word has it they’re next to target elves and magical reindeer. The Voice of Russia reports: In Dushanbe, a young man, dressed as Santa Claus, was killed… Continue Reading →

The Ill Fated Christmas Journey of Fr. Steve Rossetti

After journeying for days to the North Pole to finally find evidence of Santa Claus, Fr. Steve Rossetti of Catholic University, realized his mistake…a little late. I couldn’t resist the joke but here’s the truth. If you’re not aware Fr…. Continue Reading →

Santa Goes Postal…At Least He Did.

Oh the horror! A fat old guy with a long white beard had been dressing up as Santa while delivering mail. Kind of an eccentric individual, I’m sure. But isn’t that the kind of thing that makes the world go… Continue Reading →

Atheists Crucify Skeleton Santa

An atheist group in Virginia crucified a skeletal Santa as a way of showing…well I’m not really sure what they were saying to be honest. The Loudon Times of Virginia reports: It’s that time of year again, where holiday cheer… Continue Reading →

Santa’s Kind of a Jerk

I think the people who made “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” kinda’ forgot that Saint Nicholas was a saint. Last night, all of a sudden everything became Christmasy around my house. I was going through the house taking down Halloween… Continue Reading →

A Santa to Remember

Back in the days when I was a reporter I remember interviewing this man. Needless to say, I came away impressed. This was a very special man. The Philadelphia Bulletin writes that this is the first Christmas in 58 years… Continue Reading →

The Schizophrenic ACLU

The Christian Post reports that the American Civil Liberties Union is demanding that a prison end their illegal censoring of religious materials sent to detainees. In a letter sent Thursday to the superintendent of the Rappahannock Regional Jail in Stafford,… Continue Reading →

Yes Virginia, Fr. Made Me Mad Because…

My two older children (7 &8) are reaching the age where they starting to question Santa Claus. The questions have already begun that show the underlying story is beginning to crack under the weight of age and experience. I realize… Continue Reading →

Good Kids See Santa, Naughty Ones See…

Santa’s a Jerk

Last night, all of a sudden everything became Christmasy around my house. I was going through the house taking down Halloween decorations. (I know it’s late. I know! Don’t you dare judge me.) But as I took them down my… Continue Reading →

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