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Big Abortion vs. Phill Kline

Who is Phill Kline? He is the only prosecutor to ever bring criminal charges against Planned Parenthood. And now Big Abortion is coming for him. Big time. I received an email the other day about how Planned Parenthood is attacking… Continue Reading →

Tiller’s Killer and Nidal Hasan

The President and the media find some very odd things inscrutable. Case in point: Jake Tapper from ABC News reported that when asked about the motivations of mass murderer Nidal Hasan, President Obama said: Well, look, we — we have… Continue Reading →

Nazis with a Fetus Fetish

For some weird reason the murder of a pro-lifer has given some media and Planned Parenthood an opportunity to discuss all the violence done against abortion clinic workers. Now to be fair, CBS didn’t exhibit any bias in their story… Continue Reading →

Tiller Was Like Martin Luther King

The Washington Times reports on the mad props one abortionist is giving another. But he may have gotten a wee bit carried away if you ask me: Nebraska abortion doctor LeRoy Carhart called on the federal government Monday to treat… Continue Reading →

Pro-Lifer Kills Straw Man

I don’t know this guy Mark Gietzen who is head of Kansas Coalition for Life and maybe he’s more wonderful than Mother Teresa and St. Francis put together but The New York Times quotes Mark Gietzen saying two of the… Continue Reading →

No ‘Except’ Catholics Today, No Exceptions

The test is not in the easy cases but the hard ones. Are you pro-life? Are you against torture? Do you believe completely in what the Church teaches or are you one of those ‘except’ people? This is the question… Continue Reading →

New Legal Sport: Throw Stink Bombs at Pro-Lifers

The lunatic abortionist George Tiller who has been under investigation for years for illegal abortions had his security guards toss stink bombs near pro-life protesters, according to The Wichita Eagle. A local pro-life activist lost a small-claims lawsuit Tuesday when… Continue Reading →

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

So get this. A lunatic doctor out in Kansas, Dr. George Tiller, is performing illegal late-term abortions. The Attorney General Paul Morrison is supposedly exhaustively investigating Tiller’s clinic as Kansas law requires late term abortions only be done in light… Continue Reading →

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