The lunatic abortionist George Tiller who has been under investigation for years for illegal abortions had his security guards toss stink bombs near pro-life protesters, according to The Wichita Eagle.

A local pro-life activist lost a small-claims lawsuit Tuesday when a judge ruled he was not damaged when a security officer used a “stink bomb” to ward anti-abortion volunteers away from a Wichita abortion clinic.

“The judge ruled that Tiller has the right to stink bomb us if he wants to as long as the stink bomb is on his property,” said one pro-life protester. “I fully expect it to be used on us again.”

Evidence at the trial showed that the “stink bomb” consisted of foul-smelling catfish bait. The lawsuit said the incident prompted many moms who brought young children to the clinic to stop coming.

The pro-lifer said he didn’t plan to appeal the ruling because it would just be too expensive.

Now could you just imagine if say…an Armed Forces recruiting station did the same exact thing to anti-war protesters? It would be seen as Kent State all over again. MSNBC would have hour long specials, reenactments, interviews, and Keith Olberman blaming Karl Rove.

Or could you perhaps imagine if some pro-lifers used a stink bomb near the entrance of abortion clinics to ward off women. Something tells me the media would discuss this a wee bit more than they did for this case…which was never.