So get this. A lunatic doctor out in Kansas, Dr. George Tiller, is performing illegal late-term abortions. The Attorney General Paul Morrison is supposedly exhaustively investigating Tiller’s clinic as Kansas law requires late term abortions only be done in light of very “serious medical conditions” whether physical or psychological.

A psychiatrist from John Hopkins, Dr. Paul McHugh, was asked by the former Attorney General to read the abortionist’s records to determine whether “serious medical conditions” existed at the time of the abortion in light of his expertise in psychiatry.

McHugh determined the abortion records indicated the women did not even receive complete examinations. “These were very brief files,” said McHugh. “None of them represented a full psychiatric history.”

McHugh said the reasons for many of these abortions “would be considered trivial” such as “the offspring would not thrive, the women would have her future redirected, they wouldn’t get a good education after they had a child.”

Clear violation of the law, right? So what happens? The Kansas Attorney General goes after…the psychiatrist.

Morrison, who received uncounted thousands in political donations from Tiller, threatened to file a lawsuit against McHugh and to recover the $5,000 he was paid to review the records and to get the state of Maryland to take action against him. Morrison also threatened to remove McHugh from the list of witnesses in the case. All this because McHugh told the media about his findings.

Morrison insists that he has been exhaustively looking into Tiller case for the past six months. But McHugh said he’s never been contacted by the AG’s office until the threatening letter came.

Morrison is continuing to attempt to silence McHugh because the psychiatrist has taken away the last reasons for his lack of action in enforcing the law. Look for updates.