Who is Phill Kline? He is the only prosecutor to ever bring criminal charges against Planned Parenthood. And now Big Abortion is coming for him. Big time.

I received an email the other day about how Planned Parenthood is attacking the Kansas prosecutor Phill Kline who dared to point out that late term abortionist George Tiller was breaking the law (a lot.) I was working on something else at the moment and I think that email got buried and I never got back to it.

But I’m diving back into it now and doing some research and darn it if this ain’t an extremely important story going on right now. And of course, I’m just catching on to the tail of it. Because I suck.

Big Abortion in cahoots with Kathleen Sebelius initiated a string of investigations and ethics complaints into Kline. What Big Abortion (and Sebelius) is really doing here is sending a message to prosecutors all across the country that your life will be destroyed if you come up against us. And let’s face it -if there’s one thing Planned Parenthood does well it’s destroy lives.

Jill Stanek is covering this story which is about to play out in a courtoom. I’m kinda’ coming in late to the story so I’ll do my best to catch up to this over the next few days.

But check out this story at Jill Stanek’s excellent pro-life blog.

Jack Cashill of the great site American Thinker has all the facts and background in his piece called “Why Prosecutors Fear the Abortion Industry.”