For some weird reason the murder of a pro-lifer has given some media and Planned Parenthood an opportunity to discuss all the violence done against abortion clinic workers.

Now to be fair, CBS didn’t exhibit any bias in their story because they ignored the story altogether, according to Newsbusters. NBC said the killer’s motives weren’t “specifically related to anti- or pro-abortion beliefs.”

ABC called the murder “the flip side of the troubling violence surrounding the abortion debate.”

Phrases like this pop up periodically fed to the media from Planned Parenthood: “Since 1993, eight people have been murdered for helping women exercise their constitutionally protected right to choose.”

And while that’s true. It would also be just as true to say that in the past ten years one abortion worker has been murdered. But that doesn’t sound as good for their purpose of painting pro-lifers as Nazis with a fetus fetish.

According to Google News, there were 1,882 mentions of James Pouillon’s name in the media in the days after his death.

According to Google News, there were 1,040 mentions of George Tiller recently in the media.

That means well over half of the articles concerning Pouillon also mentioned Tiller.

And the death of pro-lifer Pouillon is dangerous to the country mainly because…it might cause those crazy pro-lifers to kill again like they’ve done eight times since 1993, doncha know.

Says MLive:

Planned Parenthood East Central Michigan president Lori Lamerand worries Pouillon’s death could spark further violence.

“If this is related to his pro-life views, we find that tragic and do not endorse such actions in any way, shape or form,” said Lamerand.

“Unfortunately we also have to worry now whether this will cause folks who are not very reasonable people to decide it’s time to retaliate.”

So in short, when a pro-life nutjob kills someone, it’s the entire pro-life community’s fault. And when a pro-lifer is killed, it’s the entire pro-life community’s fault. Got it?