Remember the day that the abortionist George Tiller was killed, some folks at the Huffington Post was scouring pro-life sites and looking for comments that were either cavalier about the murder or even condoning it. Well, today I checked out HuffPo to check out what their combox was saying. And needless to say, it was pretty ugly.

If somebody is constantly harassing people and the law can do nothing about it, maybe this was the only option.

it fascinates me how these old a** men are so fixation on abortion rights- they probably haven’t even had sex in 30 years.

It’s sad that he lost his life…That being said, this is a little OT. but has anyone noticed how many of these anti abortion protesters are old men? This guy was 61 years old, why is he worried about what is going on inside the uterus of a woman of child bearing age?

When anti-abortionist are allowed to protest in front of a school; but the President of the United States is censored for fear of indoctrinating children, the rest of the population better pay attention – the right has lost its collective mind and have moved beyond obstructionist to anarchist. They believe in violence and have guns a plenty, they talk of revolt and succussion and show no regard for human life or any one or anything that does not fit into their narrow view of the world.

Beware the republican anarchist their coming.

So, do I have this right? Someone across the street from a school with pictures of aborted fetuses (?) is legally excercising his right to free speech & it’s ok. However, a few days ago a good chunk of the country went nuts because the President was going to speak to students in these same schools & it was too horrible to allow. Is that correct?

Something’s real wrong with this picture.

if he was in jail he would not have been on the wrong end of a bullet!!!!

There’s mention in two thousand year old Sanskrit literature of abortions being performed. Abortions are most definitely not some new-fangled ‘lefty’ innovation, as the lunatic right would have you believe.

Have you seen the horrible graphic posters these sociopaths display? It’s not free speech, it’s terrorism.

One has to understand, however, that all those guns rights people and anti-abortion protestors need to learn that if one lives by the sword, then it can turn around and bite you.

I’m sure anti-abortionists are going to make him a martyr. Dr. Tiller was a martyr. Not just for abortion, but for women’s rights. This was probably just a drive by.

Mr. Newman cried for his friend who was gentle man huh? Now Mr Newman knows how the friends of Dr. Tiller feel. Mr Newman your gentle friend was a murder and Dr Tiller was doing something that was legal. You may not have liked what he did but your friend was a murder. No hero, only a zero.

This is obviously a vast left wing conspiracy against both anti abortion and anti gravel protestors. How else can you explain that the first shooting was at a gravel pit. Maybe the man was protesting the right of rocks not to be crushed up for gravel and the shooter favored rocks having a choice.

with the way the fake news pundits will run with this one, we might as well get a good laugh out of it now.

More’s the pity. If the Right had to worry about what the left has to, we would be a better nation.
John F Kennedy
Martin Luthor King Jr.
George Tiller
How many people can the right gun down to muzzle the left before we get what they are doing?

“Alleged ” shooter was not only defending his 1st Amendment right to free speech by protesting abortion, he also asserted his 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. The right must be extra proud of this “patriot”.

The info says the shooter carried anti abortion signs. Does that make him a right wing nut job?Maybe they are starting to kill each other