This is one of the strangest quotes I’ve seen in a news story concerning pro-life murder victim James Pouillon. And to make matters worse it comes from a Baptist pastor.

I’m perfectly willing to admit that I’m getting this wrong. I actually hope I am. But do these comments from the pastor of a local Baptist Church who knew James Pouillon strike you as odd. Creepy even?

According to the CS Monitor:

Doug Levesque, the pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church outside Owosso, says he is already sensing “a solidarity of spirit” among people in the city, population 15,000, who share different points of view on abortion.

“I think people are [saying] ‘this is just craziness’. There are so many other things we can do. We can argue, we can rally. It’s not worth shooting each other over,” he says.

Mr. Levesque says Pouillon attended his church “numerous times” over the past few years and was known as a “caustic” abortion protester who “would have been thrilled” to learn that his murder was considered the antithesis of the Tiller case.

What did he just say? Is he really saying that Pouillon would have liked to be killed? Really?

And I’m not sure why Pouillon would’ve even attended Levesque’s church “numerous times” as Pouillon was Catholic. Fr. John Fain, the pastor of St. Paul Catholic Church in Owosso Michigan said Pouillon was a parishioner who he described as ‘a good Christian and a faithful Catholic.’

And it’s not like Levesque much liked Pouillon because his greatest defense of Pouillon was when he said:”Even Jim didn’t deserve” violence. Even Jim? Seriously?

Look, I know that sometimes people are caught off their guard by a reporter’s questions but holy cow these are some insulting, awful, and harsh answers.