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Month February 2010

If Planned Parenthood Were Toyota

Were it not for double standards, the gummint would have no standards at all. As you probably have heard by now, President and CEO of Toyota Corp., Akio Toyoda was dragged before Congress this week to explain why his company… Continue Reading →

Democrat Dictionary

Taxsperity – The uniquely moronic notion that prosperity can be achieved through increases in taxation. Biparthenasia – The art of killing the opposition party by encouraging them to join your foolhardy efforts. Stimuslush – Urgently passing a bill under the… Continue Reading →

New Focus on the Family Ad Pulled

How dare Focus on the Family put up an ad so disgusting that it forced the NCAA to pull it? How could they put up an ad featuring a father holding his son and the words, “All I want for… Continue Reading →

This Just Struck Me Funny

Pictures like this are why the internet was invented. Rumor has it that negotiations went very well between Obama and this King of Burgers. Obama gave up two satellites, missiles in Eastern Europe, and promised $1 billion dollars in aid… Continue Reading →

Axelrod Would Prefer Dictatorship

File this as worrisome Statement # 7,853 from White House. The New York Times reports this disturbing quote from David Axelrod, President Obama‚Äôs senior adviser. Turns out, that Axelrod might be a lot more comfortable living in a dictatorship. Huh…. Continue Reading →

The Party Of No

Every time, every time I hear the Republican party described as the “Party of NO” I have only one thought. I wish. If there really was a “party of no” I would join it. Ask any parent, ask any grandparent,… Continue Reading →

Obama Is Going to Tax Your Tan

The New York Post reports that in order to pay for his healthcare plan President Obama intends to slap a tax on tanning beds. Oddly, Obama dropped plans for a “Botax” on cosmetic procedures. So let me see. I’m trying… Continue Reading →

New Lila Rose Video

You know, I’m starting to think that Planned Parenthood doesn’t believe they have to follow the law. Cassy Fiano wonders how many times Lila Rose has to catch Planned Parenthood before they get cut off from public funding. Check out… Continue Reading →

Our Battle Of The Bulge

Ten months ago, the Democrats began their campaign for perpetual political dominance through the bureaucratic machine. Health care became their battle of choice. A theoretical filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and a huge numerical advantage in the House gave the… Continue Reading →

History of An Abortionist

Dr. Kermit Baron Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist, whose clinic was shut down last night after an investigation discovered “deplorable” conditions including blood on the floor and over a dozen fetuses in jars may have a long history of risky and… Continue Reading →

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