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Month February 2010

Abortion Office: Fetuses Displayed In Jars!!!

We throw the word “shocking” around for things that aren’t quite so. This story is SHOCKING!!!! State authorities last night suspended the medical license of a West Philadelphia doctor whose practice was raided last week by federal drug agents. The… Continue Reading →

Climate Change Double Whammy

Now is the winter of their discontent. Record snowfalls across the United States are harming the global warming nuts in more ways than we know. While the snow is obviously making Americans scoff at global warming, its also causing another… Continue Reading →

Putting Words to Intuition in the Liturgy

I recently re-read a very instructive chapter in Monsignor Francis Mannion’s excellent book Masterworks of God: Essays in Liturgical Theory and Practice in which he provided a framework for understanding things done in the sacred liturgy. This has been helpful… Continue Reading →

Pol: Disabled Children Are God’s Punishment?

The News Leader is reporting that a Virginia State Delegate said that some disabled children are punishments from God. As you can imagine, his comments which were originally reported by The Gainesville Times are making the rounds quickly and setting… Continue Reading →

Who Wants Elton’s Jesus?

Elton John recently said that Jesus was a gay genius. Now, Elton’s theological ramblings aren’t to be taken too seriously but I think that there’s a lot of Elton Johns out there. By that I don’t mean there’s millions of… Continue Reading →

Abortion Doctor Mocks Pro-Lifers

If you have ever wondered what Satan sounds like when he laughs, wonder no more. When Dr. William Harrison of Fayetville Arkansas laughs and mocks pro-lifers, his laugh must be very similar. See the sickening video here. I suppose it… Continue Reading →

Now Pictures of Babies are Offensive Too?

ABC in Australia is reporting on a political race where one candidate is making abortion a key part of his Independent candidacy. That, of course, has rankled his opponents. The Democrats candidate Jeanie Walker, according to ABC: “says anti-abortion posters… Continue Reading →

The Worst Good News I’ve Ever Heard

This is the worst good news I’ve heard in a loooong time. The headline reads: “Gene-based diseases decline.” Woot. Woot. Good news, right? Well…. Chicago Sun Times reports: Some of mankind’s most devastating inherited diseases appear to be declining, and… Continue Reading →

The Crazies Are Running The Asylum

The crazies are running the asylum. Ron Paul has ended Mitt Romney’s three-year run as conservatives’ favorite for president, taking 31 percent of the vote in the Conservative Political Action Conference’s annual straw poll. Paul, a Republican congressman from Texas… Continue Reading →

Now That’s a Twist Ending

From The BlogProf comes an amazing story: Here’s a story that has received a total unwavering media blackout. A woman was going in to have an abortion at a local butcher shop in Duluth, and was confronted by two pro-life… Continue Reading →

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