Now is the winter of their discontent. Record snowfalls across the United States are harming the global warming nuts in more ways than we know. While the snow is obviously making Americans scoff at global warming, its also causing another problem for them with far more severe consequences.

WBAL reports:

As the storms gripped the city, crime plummeted. Comparing last week to the same week in 2009, the most serious crimes were down 71 percent, according to city statistics.

The fatal shooting early Tuesday morning of a man in the Park Heights neighborhood ended a nine-day stretch in Baltimore that was free of killing. That stretch put the yearly homicide total at 18 — significantly less than the 32 homicides recorded year-to-date in 2009.

A lower murder rate because of snow? That means more people are alive due to the snow. That means more pollution. Aaaaahhh.

So as if it wasn’t bad enough that people are giggling about anti-human global warming alarmists but now there’s more people to do it. Poor things. The climate has sure turned against them.