We throw the word “shocking” around for things that aren’t quite so.

This story is SHOCKING!!!!

State authorities last night suspended the medical license of a West Philadelphia doctor whose practice was raided last week by federal drug agents.

The suspension came after a hours-long search of Kermit B. Gosnell’s practice, Women’s Medical Society, at 3801 Lancaster Ave. in Powelton Village.

The suspension order says the conditions of the clinic were “deplorable and unsanitary.”

It states: “There was blood on the floor, and parts of aborted fetuses were displayed in jars.”

The fetuses were discovered after authorities raid the office after a woman died after being treated at the clinic by an unlicensed employee.

Absolutely sickening.

Update: The suspension order also alleges that on or about Nov. 20, a patient died after being treated at the clinic by an unlicensed employee, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

This would not be the first time Gosnell has employed unlicensed employees. In fact, in 1996, he was charged with “professional misconduct” as well as “censured and reprimanded” by the New York State Department of Health because he “employed a physician assistant who was not certified.”

Update II: Read the unbelievable and reckless history of this Philadelphia abortionist here.