If you have ever wondered what Satan sounds like when he laughs, wonder no more. When Dr. William Harrison of Fayetville Arkansas laughs and mocks pro-lifers, his laugh must be very similar.

See the sickening video here.

I suppose it should come as no surprise that a guy who kills babies for a living is also a jerk. But this jerk takes jerkiness to a new level.

Dr. William Harrison of Fayetville Arkansas mocks the Christians and Pro-lifers who pray across the street for an end to abortion saying that he welcomes them because they are good advertising.

“I think it’s silly. Standing across the street and praying to end abortion, that doesn’t work,” said Dr. William Harrison.

Harrison wrote an email to the organizers of the protest, saying they’re more than welcome to demonstrate because it’ll show their children and newcomers where to get an abortion.

“You know, we have a lot of new people in the area. And since we don’t do any advertising, a lot of people don’t know the services that we offer. So I am glad they’re over there,” said Harrison.

And he admits he even joked around in the e-mail, telling them to look serious and to bring priests along, or else it’ll deliver the wrong message.

“Well, I meant exactly what I said,” said Harrison. “You know, if they’re going to be praying and fasting, they ought to take this job seriously.“

They do take their jobs seriously and people just like them have been having a profound impact all over the country. You keep mocking, we’ll keep praying.