Taxsperity – The uniquely moronic notion that prosperity can be achieved through increases in taxation.

Biparthenasia – The art of killing the opposition party by encouraging them to join your foolhardy efforts.

Stimuslush – Urgently passing a bill under the pretense of saving us from depression only to hold on to the money for eighteen months in order to spend it as close to an election as possible.

Filibluster – The blatantly false threat of removing the 60 vote cloture requirement in the US Senate. Even if they could, they never would because they know minority status is in their (near) future.

Reconcilicide – The suicidal results of continued threats to push through massively unpopular legislation to take over one sixth of the economy through the parliamentary trick of reconciliation. If actually accomplished, results in immediate death of the party.

Unemplosion – The incredibly rapid rise in the number of people who have nothing better to do than campaign and vote against you. Oh yeah, and watch curling. They have time to watch curling too.

aGoreaPhobia – The sudden and overwhelming fear of the media by a former vice president after his life work has been shown to be wholly based on a lie.

Obamastrich – A clean and articulate creature that sticks its head in the sand when all its promises turn to naught.

Punxatawney Pol – A famous rodent (aka politician) who, despite promises of the most transparent administration evah, only submits to a prime time press conference once a year. (220 days and counting…)

Socialistic Violence – A surge in spousal abuse, as predicted by Sen. Harry Reid, caused by rampant and continued unemployment as the result of socialistic policies. Upside – major growth in the wife-beater t-shirt industry.

Blue Dogs – A mythical creature that has been proven not to exist. Just to clarify, Chupacabra -real. Blue Dogs – myth.

Friendly Fired – The loss of employment by Democrat politicians as the tragic result of being caught in the crossfire between a deaf and blind Commander-in-chief and the American people.

Foreign Poli-Stones or Bidenerve – Claiming as your greatest achievement a policy which you vigorously opposed.