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Month September 2021

Hilarious Orwellian Attempt by ACLU to Redact “Women” from RBG Quote.

Now, even Ruth Vader Ginsburg isn’t woke enough. Hey, woke moves fast. You can get left behind pretty quick. So here’s the deal. There’s a famous quote by Ginsburg advocating abortion. But her quote didn’t age well because she dared… Continue Reading →

Pope Rips Trad Catholics, EWTN as Doing the “Work of the Devil.”

I would’ve thought calling people names and saying they’re doing the work of the devil might be frowned on but maybe I’m behind the times. Catholic Culture: “Pope Francis has lashed out at the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), saying:… Continue Reading →

Catholic School adds gender identity to policy handbook. People Freak and Call It ‘Transphobic’ and ‘Grossly Harmful’

Not just regularly harmful. “Grossly harmful.” I’d be interested to understand where the line is between regular ol’ harmful and “grossly harmful” but something tells me we wouldn’t really get anywhere with that discussion. To be clear, this is not… Continue Reading →

Scientists Believe They’ve Found Physical Evidence of Sodom

I’m a big fan of stories about archaeologists digging up something that proves that the Bible is history like when archaeologists found The Pilate Stone which corroborated Pilate’s existence. Or when archeologists discovered the Siloam Pool where the Bible said… Continue Reading →

Nancy Pelosi Says China is Committing Genocide But We Must Ignore It Because Climate Change

I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way she actually said that, right? You’d be wrong. Sometimes politicians slip and tell the truth, especially as they get older or drunk (or both.) Here’s what she said in her clearly unscripted… Continue Reading →

The decline of civilization will be done by those just doing their jobs.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I would add that another thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for men to just do their jobs. After former Nazi Adolf… Continue Reading →

Hilarious. Penn State Fan Trolls Auburn with Catholic Insult.

I don’t know why but this one struck me funny. So random but awesome.

Great Homily by Courageous Priest. Fatima Warnings Coming to Pass.

Fr. Christopher Sharah reflects upon Matthew’s Gospel at the Vigil Mass on Saturday, September 11, 2021 and sees that the warning of Our Lady of Fatima are coming to pass in our times. Favorite line: “You can’t have the crown… Continue Reading →

Mexican Episcopate Won’t Cover Medical Expenses of Unvaxxed Priests

You’ve given your life to serving God. That’s great and all but if you didn’t get the jab the Church can’t help you. The Church teaches that God loves everyone. But especially the vaccinated. Catholic World Report: The financial assistance… Continue Reading →

Your Submission is the Goal.

Studies are inconclusive about the efficacy of masks? Wear them! The vaccine’s long term impact is questionable? Get the jab! Whether you believe the election was fair or not, you must never say you believe there was fraud. Gender is… Continue Reading →

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